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Vintegrate Enterprise is tailored to your business needs.


Vintegrate Winemaking

Vintegrate Winemaking

Direct, manage and track all of your winemaking processes.

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Vintegrate Back Office

Vintegrate Back Office

Efficiently Manage and Optimize Your Winery Operations

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Vintegrate 360 DTC

Vintegrate 360

A fully integrated 360 degree  view of customer sales, service and insights.

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Vintegrate Winemaking

Direct, manage & track all of your winemaking processes.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Vintegrate Winemaking provides the tools you need to direct and manage winemaking activity, track production, meet regulatory standards, know your bulk and finished wine costs in real time and automate routine functions to improve productivity and lower your costs. Vintegrate Winemaking is scalable to work with wine businesses of all sizes — family wineries to multi-company enterprises and custom crush facilities.  Includes multi-brand capabilities and bond-to-bond transfer.

Manage your bulk inventory by wine program to maximize profits. Track intended use from grape and bulk contracts through to bottling, even as you blend wines and change blend numbers. Evaluate the impact of changing bottling plans and adding new products. Forecast vintage run-out based on sales plans.

Distillation and brewery add-ons permit use of one system to manage all of your beverage business.

  • Completely Integrated to the financial system

  • Winery Software In The Cloud

  • Harvest and Vineyard Tracking

  • Winery Order Management

  • Cellar Management

  • Dry Goods Tracking

  • Mock Blend

  • Production Planning/Bill of Materials

  • Fruit and Bulk Receiving

  • Vessel Management

  • Laboratory Analysis and Process Treatments

  • Distillery and De-Alc Operations

Vintegrate Back Office

Efficiently Manage & Optimize

Our Areas of Expertise

Vintegrate Back Office contains all the essential features and functions you need to manage and optimize your finance, inventory, purchasing, wholesale sales, compliance reporting, sales and much more. It’s a full ERP system customized for your wine business. Vintegrate Back Office will seamlessly capture all costs from Vintegrate Winemaking and will manage all inventory from one inventory–bulk wine, through production and sales, both wholesale and direct-to-consumer sales.

  • Finance

  • Finance (GL, AP, AR)

  • Budgeting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Fixed Assets

  • Wine Cost Tracking

  • Grower Contract Management

  • Custom Crush Service Billing

  • Operations

  • Inventory, Bulk and Finished Goods

  • Purchasing

  • Wholesale Sales

  • Allocations

  • Depletions

  • Futures

  • Fulfillment House

  • Reporting & Integrations

  • Dynamic & Government Compliance Reporting

  • Shipping Compliance

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Wholesale Customer Portal

  • Third Party Integrations

  • Integration Engine: Integrate with 3rd Party Applications

  • Built-in Business Intelligence

Vintegrate 360 – Direct to Consumer Sales and Marketing

Sell more wine across all sales channels.

Vintegrate delivers end-to-end visibility and support for your interactions with customers across every touch point – Wholesale, Tasting Room, eCommerce, Wine Club Memberships and Events. Create a personalized experience for each customer interaction.

For your Wholesale customers there is a Web Portal where they directly place and manage their orders. For your retail sales, the Vintegrate 360 Direct-to-Consumer suite with full POS, Club, eCommerce, Events and Loyalty modules provide the tools needed to transact business where your customers want to buy—in your tasting room, on your patio, in your vineyard, at an event or online from their living room using your website.

A complete sales solution. POS; Club, eCommerce, Wholesale Sales, Events and Loyalty.

Sell to your customers where they are — in the tasting room, on the patio, at an event or meeting and online.

Wholesale, Point-of-sale, Club, e-Commerce and events. Reward loyalty across all sales channels.

Your direct-to-consumer sales channels pull from one inventory. Inventory reconciliation is done in the course of your normal sales transaction.

Streamlined operations and enhanced customer service made possible by built-in, simplified processes.

A comprehensive customer profile gives you access to customer interactions and transactions across all sales channels. Use your data to identify key sales data.

Improve efficiency and accuracy for shipping compliance and fulfillment

Streamline the delivery process, minimize human error and deliver wine to your customer most efficiently.

KLH will perform the initial setup and work with the recommended gateway vendor to get you up and going quickly. KLH will train you to administer the permissions of your sales team, or do it for you. Managing your sales system has never been easier.

Vintegrate Club

  • Modify customer profiles as needed, dynamically edit their club relationship including: On Hold, Future Hold, Transfers between Clubs or Cancellations.
  • Define and structure your clubs to suit your business and your customers, one club with many variations or a multitude of individual clubs.

  • Efficiently set-up and process club runs in advance or in the moment.

  • Nearly limitless flexibility in pricing your clubs – subscription, flat rate, percentage reductions, whatever best fits your business strategy.
  • Loyalty triggers and rewards can be tied to every transaction and customer behavior beneficial to your business

  • Your staff and your customer can manage the customer profile.  Customers update credit card information,  change bill-to and ship-to addresses, choose preferences and if you customize your club offerings, make product selections. Your staff can make any changes on the customer’s behalf and add information to the profile that is meant for internal use only.

  • Robust reporting and insights for all key Tasting Room metrics.

Vintegrate POS

  • Vintegrate POS makes it easy for your Tasting Room team to stay focused on customers and wine sales – rather than technology.

  • Touch screen, Keyboard, Barcode Scanning, and Card Swipe technologies are all supported in Vintegrate to optimize your Tasting Room transactions.

  • Fast Collect feature ensures that customer information is gathered as part of the sales process, not as a troublesome afterthought.

  • View accurate Club shipment status and store customer signatures when club shipments are picked up in the Tasting Room.

  • Centralized Customer profile with important summary information viewed by TR staff at a glance, with more detailed information easily available to authorized users.

  • Built-in administrative features such as employee timekeeping, inventory and product management, and easy open and close procedures keep your Tasting Room operating efficiently.
  • Robust reporting and insights for all key Tasting Room metrics.

Vintegrate eCommerce

  • Maintain customer credit card and other payment information effectively and securely; automatically flag customers with expiring credit cards months in advance so any channel can update the information when contacted by the customer.

  • Customized look and feel to promote your business’ brand identity – not ours.

  • Elegant and easy to use shopping cart that supports, rather than hinders the customer’s online purchasing experience.

  • Web orders automatically integrated; view all of your DTC sales by individual customer as well as channel – no need to manually input web orders into another ordering system after the fact.

  • Simple connection to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that customers can easily reach your website and store from whatever digital application they use most.

  • Customer driven features: Allows customers to customize their own club shipments, track delivery or update their account as needed.

  • Content Management – simple and easy to use interface, allowing quick content updates as well as monitoring of site performance.

Vintegrate Events

  • Allows wine businesses to easily create and manage a broad range of events, whether one-time or recurring.

  • Provides customers with an integrated portal to view upcoming events, make reservations, pay for tickets and obtain receipts.

  • All event orders tied to the individual customer profile for a true 360 view of your customer sales and service interactions across channels